Satyam Facilities

Satyam facility is one of the largest facility companies in Gurgaon, with an excellent turnover and more than thousands of employees in the different offices. We take pride on being responsible in dealing with customer relationships, communities and all the other stake holders.

Our Vision

To exceed the expectations of all our clients, be it the engineering or maintenance services or housekeeping task for our customers and be the best in the industry.

Our Mission

Create an awesome place to live and work, understanding what our customers excatly need and offering innvative solutions that adds people, delivering the best services at a cheap price.

Customer Focus

We have healthy, fruitful relationships with our lovely customers that have helped us to create a strong brand image. Furthermore, we always work in partnership for the mutual benefit of the organizations.


Our experts have a very innovative and customized approach to create and deliver the best solution.


We keep improving our performance every year to create long-term relationships with our customers.


Our experts can always be trusted to deliver the best solution.

Teamwork & Collaboration

We collaborate for the excellent benefit of our customers.

Safety Matters

We focus on safety management to protect the health and well-being of our consumers and all the loved ones around us.


We always take care and respect people who have put their trust on us.

Best People

We hire the best people, develop their skills, offer the right opportunity and inspire them to understand our values.

Since the time we came in business, we have always put the best effort to take the care of our colleagues and everyone around us. With the help of the key safety initiatives and campaigns, we create awareness on the health and safety matters, learn from the best practices and protect you 24/7.