A Flexible And Cost-Effective Facilities Management Solution For You

With the rapidly changing industry, it is very important to look for a partner who can help you meet all the challenges. Being one of the leading facilities management company in Gurgaon, Satyam Facilities Services have improved the lives of millions of people in all around India and the surrounding regions, by creating a safe, secure and beautiful environment. For you, we can offer flexible solutions at a cost-effective price.

In all the different sectors, businesses and organizations depend on us for the day to day activities i.e. housekeeping, maintenance and engineering, pest control, security, hospitality etc, giving them the opportunity to focus on the other important activities. Whether you are looking for housekeeping or hospitality services or need help with pest control, we take time to understand your specific needs and offer the best solution.

Enjoy Our Comprehensive & Customized Range Of Solutions

At Satyam Facilities, we have a team of professionals with a very open and honest approach, both in financial terms and in the way we communicate with our clients. Since the year we came in business i.e. 2013, we have worked in the most critical and complicated environments. Our expertise in different sectors i.e. security, horticulture; construction maintenance is simply second to none.

From the very basic services like manpower support, pest control management, construction and specialist horticulture services, our team members help you to focus on your core business. We also have a team of skilled and experienced project managers to support the construction work and horticulture project, as well as a dedicated team to ensure the best services.